Frequently  Asked  Questions

1.  How much does it cost to rent a tent for a wedding?
     Answer:  There is no quick answer,  it depends on the following:

             a.  How many guests are you expecting?
             b.  Are you using tents for the reception only or for the ceremony as well?
             c.  Do you intend to use the house for brides cake, etc.?
             d.  Are you having a band and stage?  How many people are in the band?  
                      Does the band have drums?  Does the band have a piano?
             e.  Will you need room for a dance floor?  What size will it be?
             f.   Is the meal going to be buffet or plate service, or just grazing?
             g.  What time of year will the wedding take place?
             h.  Will you require the tent to be air conditioned or heated?
2.  Will we need lighting under the tent?
      Answer:    Depends on the time of year as well as how late you plan to entertain
                        guests under the tent.  You will require lighting 45 minutes after
3.  Do you have a good punch recipes?
     Answer: Just click here to see some

4.  How many bottles and of what do I need for the bar.
     Answer:  Just click here for more information

5.  Heating for the Tents?
     Answer:  We use 170,000 BTu. heaters in the tents. The first step if it is a little cold is to install tent sides on the side where any cool wind
                     is coming from. Then to add sides to the back and sides of the tent leaving the front open. Then to add heaters with the front still
                     open. As a last resort to close up the whole tent using a mixture of solid sides and window sides.

6.  How early do  I need to book the equipment?
     Answer:  I wish I knew the answer to this one. If you want so rent a new item such as the chocolate fountain you would need to do it as early
                    as possible. Most items we have quantities of so you are more or less booking the date and delivery slot.
                    WE UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WILL BE MANY CHANGES BETWEEN THE ORIGINAL BOOKING AND THE DATE                                                                                                                                                                             
                     OF THE WEDDING, and we expect changes. You will not know the number of guests until a couple of weeks before the event.

7.  How early can we pick up the rental items?
     Answer:  For a Weekend wedding you can collect the items any time on the Friday and return any time on the  Monday.  If the wedding is  out of town let us know. We are open Saturday mornings for additional items if needed or if you ordered the wrong items.

8. What type vehicle do we need to pick up items?
     Answer:  This depends on what you are renting. Open pick-up trucks do not hold very much, closed trailers such as the Wells Cargo type
                     work very well. We will not load equipment if there is a probability of damage to it, or an unsafe load.

9. Do I need to tell you my social security number?
    Answer:   A copy of your current drivers license will do.         
     If you want us to allow you to walk out the door with thousands of dollars of                                                        
    our equipment,  we do require good identification, just as a bank does.
    Times are changing, and folks are scared about identity theft. Call and we will talk about it.