Our latest new item is the wheelchair lift.

The Tidewater tents are very popular.

Wine in the cask, these pictured are 10 Litre (2.5 gal) We are getting some 20 Litre ones (5gal)  


The new Traditional wooden chairs,  this is the exact same chair that we got rid of
forty years ago.  Times do change.

Trestle tables made with Cyprus are three feet wide and eight and twelve feel long.

We recently purchased a Genie Lift to allow us to reach new heights with tree lighting.

Inside the Tidewater tent every cable and wire shows, so we went with the new "WELL" lighting.
Battery powered (12hrs) and wireless DMX control. Any color can be created and projected up
inside the tent. They mount on the main poles of the tent.

Inside the new Tidewater tent.

We got so tired of the old way of making bars, by the end of the night they were falling apart.
So we built them the way they should be, bar tops with solid velcro all the way around with full
skirting to the ground.
Returning from the trade shows we have many new items for your consideration.  We have added to our pewter collection, more glass items, more
kitchen items for our caterers.  New table shapes, dance floor,  a pool fountain.   And at last we have found chair covers that we like. (we have to launder them)
We have to so a lot of research before we buy an item to rent out.
  It is so exciting being in the rental business.  Every day is like Christmas morning.

      Our new full size Convection Oven runs on propane
      and 110v.power for portability.



  Wood lecturn with built in battery PA system

                 This hot-box-proofer holds up to 38 full size sheet pans.

               Just more glass for you to break, this is some tough glass and big.


       New Items.

  Vap Cooler

           VaVanessa Silver Plate Flatware    c