I have spent the last thirty years going to weddings, I probably average 100 per year.
I have seen every mistake made, and this is how I have become a wedding expert. I watch others
make mistakes.
The classic mistake I have witnessed four times. In the middle of the wedding reception under the
tent the lawn sprinklers activate as commanded by the very expensive timer.
As time goes on I am going to try and share these episodes with you.

An accident waiting to happen.   This 72" round table was sinking into the ground because of all the weight on it.  The picture on the right is after we corrected the situation.

Mother of the Bride on the dance floor,  So who cares.

Never give the ring bearer the real ring,  they can be undependable


There are way to cut costs,

"Another drink, Sir"

We always like to have tent side wall behind the band.  This hides all the junk from the guests.

By the end of the night the guests had removed some of them and placed them on the ground.  Eight guest sit around a table and can not see the person on the other side.
Think about the flower arrangement height. Note the empty beer cans on the table. Empty glasses would look better.


Even  in the finest venues things can go wrong with the grooms cake.  The sugar ants showed up.   They were removed by dabbing with duct tape.

This is not the kind of scene you want as the guests arrive.

     There was a lot of power being used around the house,  cooking,
      tent and tree lighting, well pump.  It was all too much for the
      house electrical transformer.

      The power company did a fantastic job and had a larger one installed
       within two hours of the failure.

      The one removed in the upper picture is a 25 Kva and the new one
       a 37 Kva.
        If a lot of power is to be used it is best to let us bring a generator.

      Do not try and save a few dollars by borrowing some of these
      cheap platice tables.  There is not a skirting clip made that works
      well on them.

    When planning an event at a venue,  always have the contact person
                                                                                                                                                                                                 who knows the venues systems,  heating,  electrical and alarm systems.

   At this particular event the burgular alarm system went off in the middle of the
                                                                                                                                                                                              evening,   and it was loud.  No one new how to shut if off and in the process of
                                                                                                                                                                                               trying all the buttons set off the fire alarm.

On a cold windy Febuary day the guests lined up to sign the guest book

There is nothing that anoys me more than to see a tip jar on the bar at a wedding.The drinks are being provided by the host
and the bar staff are being paid by the host.