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If you are planning a Wedding It would help us so much if you would fill out as much of the following form
as you can.  ( I hate filling out stupid forms)
We understand that things will change as the wedding gets closer. If you do not know the answer just leave
it blank  ( We are not the government).
The more information we have the better we can determine what you need, without having to call you.
Best way is to print it out and fax it to us.  Or just email us the information.

You may wonder why we need all this information?   "From experience".   We have been doing weddings for over thirty
years and we have seen every mistake made.   Just as an example, we ask if there is an irrigation system,  if there is we want to be assured
that the sprinklers will not activate on a timer, about the time the bride is ready to cut the cake.

Call us any time,  day or evening.  Only humanoids  answer the phone.
229 883-4400

Ken Andrew.

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