Sample Wedding

about to be updated.  call Ken.   09-10-12

There is no such thing as a "Stock Wedding" but to try and make things easier for
the M.O.T.B.  (mother of the bride)  we are trying to put together a starting point.

This is based on a wedding with 300 guests, a six piece band, dancing, full bar including  spirits, and guests that are typical South Georgia or North Florida. The food to consist of heavy hor's d'oeuvres.

This will all fit very nicely under a 40' by 60' Tent.  The food would need to be under an adjacent 20' by 20' Tent.

Fact #1.  Provide tables and seating for one third to one half of the guests only.  So for 300 guests that would be 100-150 people.  Using 5' round tables at 8 guests per table this comes out to be 12-18 tables.

Fact #2.  A 12' by 16' dance floor is ideal unless you own a dance studio and have invited all your students.

Fact #3. A stage 8 ft. by 16 or 20 ft. is ample for the band,  just remember that they are on your payroll,  you are the boss and they are not there to promote themselves. If there are over six members in the
band a 12' deep stage may be needed.

I am not an expert,  I just watch other people make mistakes.

For details please e-mail me at or give me a phone call.  Be in front of your computer with internet access and I will direct you to the page. Lots of good information.

Ken Andrew.