Audio Visual
  Public Address


  Slide Projectors        Kodak Ecktograph 3, Regular or with timers
                                                                      or dissolve or auto bulb change.

  Overhead Projectors          Portable and stationary, also with
                                                                                       acetate roll
   LCD Projectors                         Up to 1800 Lumens

  VCR Recorders/Players              Commercial units in NTSC, PAL
                                                                                                            SECAM, M-PAL, N-PAL, TSC4.43
                                                                         ( We also do digital conversions)

 Notebook Computers            Fijitsu LifeBook T2020

 Screens.                    From small roll up to 9x12 with full

Laptops                    Mostly for use with power point,                    
                                                                         we prefer that customers use their  
                                                                         own  unless we are providing a
Misc.                            Microphones, wired and radio,                                                               
                                                                          lapel,  handheld,  boom. Tape
                                                                          players, DVD, bull horns,

Press Mults               Sometimes known as press boxes.

Andrew Tent Co Inc.