We can do from the very simple  stage for a trio all the way to large stages for graduations or concerts.  From 4 inches high to 10 feet high or in tiers.
Of course our other equipment such as skirting and carpet just add to it.

                                                               Deerfield-Windsor                                                       Sherwood

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                                                                               Hyatt-Regency, Hilton Head, S.C.

A corner stage is a great way to go.  All the guests are looking at the front of the band and not at the side of the band as with a stage along the long side of a tent.
It takes less staging, is deep only in the center where depth is needed for the drummer, takes up less room in the tent.  And unfortunately for us, costs less.

                                                                                      Wedding Stage and Dancefloor

Corner stage in a 30x30 Tent

Over the Wall stage for the Swinging Medallions

The covered stage for Gnat Days in Camilla, Georgia.


                                            One of the main features of our staging is the fact that we can set up level stages on
                                                        uneven surfaces.  Below the stage legs are 4 different lengths


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                                                                                                Press platform


             A platform with a tent on top, for the Albany Air Show.