Event Locations
Chehaw                                                                                                                                                                                      The Depot, Camilla
Goodwood Plantation, Tallahassee
Wynfield Plantation                                
Albany Museum of Art
Garden Club
Darton College
Doublegate Country Club
Albany Tech (Kirkland Bldg)
Albany Civic Center
Carnagie Library
Knights of Columbus
Windsor Hotel
The Retreat at Lake Blackshear
Merry Acres  
Potters Community Center
Hassan Temple
Veterans Park
Cotton Hall (Colquit)
Millpond Plantation (Thomasville)
McClendons Barn
Dapady Ranch
Nelson Tift Building
Quail Country (Arlington)
Civil Rights Museum
Albany Municipal Auditorium
Plant Mitchell Clubhouse
Tarrer Inn,
Rio Piedra Plantation (Camilla)
Doublegate CC
Peppermint Hall
Shackelford House
Carnagie Library, (Dawson)
Pebble Hill Plantation
Plant Mitchell
Radium Springs
Alcyone Plantation
Millpond Plantation (Thomasville)

I have more coming soon,   Ken.