To reserve items, we require a 50% deposit at time of reserving items.  The remaining balance will be due at time of customer pick-up or delivery of your equipment for your event.  You may reserve up to a year in advance of your event.  
The staff at Andrew Tent Company can provide pickup and delivery service.  We can also provide installation and removal service.  Our delivery service covers Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.  These services are provided at an additional cost and is NOT included in most rental rates.  Some exceptions are tents, tent drapes, staging, and dance floors since the rental rate normally includes STANDARD installation.

Delivery charges are based partially upon the community where the delivery will be made, the on-site location (i.e. ground floor or otherwise, loading dock or down a number of hallways...), the timing of the delivery or pick-up (8 - 5 Monday through Friday or after hours) as well as other factors.  We will be able to provide you with delivery, pick-up, set-up, and takedown costs when you place your order and we understand your specific needs.  

We normally deliver Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm.  During busy seasons, we may extend these hours for our convenience.  We prefer to deliver a day or more in advance of your event.  This allows you time to get things ready for your event with out too much pressure and allows us to serve all of our customers' needs.  If we deliver early to suit our schedule, there is no additional rental charges for you to have the equipment for the additional time.  We normally prefer to pick-up the next business day following your event.

There is an additional charge for deliveries/pick-ups which are set to meet your schedule.  This includes deliveries/pick-ups done at specific times, deliveries/pick-ups done on weekends, and deliveries/pick-ups done at your request/requirement before 8am or after 5pm Monday through Friday.  There may be other circumstances which may result in additional charges.  Basically, the more flexible your timing, the lower the delivery charges will be.

Thank You.